A Statement from the Lieutenant Governor of Saskatchewan On the 100th Anniversary of the Women’s Vote in Saskatchewan

Monday, Mar. 14, 2016
"The most significant event [of the year] was that which raised the women of Saskatchewan to the status of citizens." Violet MacNaughton included this statement in her 1916 President’s Report for the Women Grain Growers Association.
Today, as we mark 100 years of the women’s vote in Saskatchewan, we remember leaders like Violet MacNaughton, who worked for years to collect signatures on petitions to convince the government of the day to extend the vote to women.  These trailblazers are a true inspiration, who teach us about determination and service.  
We can take great pride that Saskatchewan was the second Canadian province, following shortly after Manitoba, to grant the vote to women.  This achievement was an important first step on the road to equality in our nation.  It was a long road, certainly.  It wasn’t until 1969, when Quebec became the final province to grant its Aboriginal residents the vote, and Canada was no longer denying voting rights to anyone on the basis of racial or ethnic criteria.  
As we mark this anniversary, we remember all who fought to gain the vote for women in 1916, and for Aboriginal men and women in successive years.  They should inspire each one of us to value our democracy and our right and responsibility to choose those who govern us.
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Carolyn Speirs
Office of the Lieutenant Governor

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