Prairieaction Foundation Youth Leadership Award Ceremony at Government House

Monday, May. 27, 2019

On Friday, May 24, 2019, at 4:00 p.m. at Government House in Regina, Prairieaction Foundation will present their Youth Leadership Award to 9 youth groups from Saskatchewan and Manitoba. 


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Carolyn Speirs

Office of the Lieutenant Governor


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About Prairieaction Foundation


Prairieaction Foundation (PAF) was formed in response to the 1989 Montreal Massacre.  PAF raises funds for community-based research into the causes and solutions to family violence and abuse. Action-oriented research is helping find effective ways to reduce the cycle of violence and keep individuals safe.  His Honour the Honourable W. Thomas Molloy is the Honorary Patron of PAF in Saskatchewan.


About the PAF Youth Leadership Award


The Prairieaction Foundation (PAF) Youth Leadership Award recognizes groups of young people who demonstrate leadership in making their schools, neighborhoods, and communities safer by raising awareness about abuse and violence, promoting healthy and safe relationships, and/or developing innovative approaches to violence prevention.   In addition to public recognition, recipients receive up to $3000 to continue, expand, or duplicate their award-winning project, or to initiate a new activity.  Through the Youth Leadership Award, PAF hopes to encourage more young people to become involved in ending the cycle of violence. 


2019 Prairieaction Foundation Youth Leadership Award Recipients


Youth Revolution, Valleyview School, Brandon, Manitoba


The Youth Revolution Student Team at Valleyview School in Brandon, Manitoba, wants to implement the Recess Guardians program at their school.  This program has been implemented in several schools in Saskatchewan with great success.  The program trains youth leaders to help make recess fun and interactive.  It increases positive peer relationships, and helps build healthy self-esteem in students. 


Peer Support Volunteers, Churchill Community High School, La Ronge, Saskatchewan

Peer Support Volunteers at Churchill Community High School in La Ronge, Saskatchewan, are chosen by the students, and are trained on broad topics such as sexual and mental health, and are linked to resources in the community.  The volunteers work with students one-on-one or in groups from a strength-based, harm-reduction perspective.  They also provide healthy educational activities at lunch hour and after school.  The funding from Prairieaction Foundation will enhance their program, and provide support to visit with other schools, to network and share ideas. 


Gay Straight Alliance, Valley View School, Beauval, Saskatchewan


The Gay Straight Alliance group from Valley View School in Beauval, Saskatchewan, has been attending summits, participating in the Pride Parades in Saskatoon and Prince Albert, meeting on a regular basis, hosting formal dances and inviting students from surrounding schools, and fundraising for the events they host.  The group has boosted the students’ self-confidence, and feelings of acceptance and belonging.  They promote education and awareness. 


What’s Your Frequency – Understand Us, St. Gregory Elementary School, Regina, Saskatchewan


The “What’s Your Frequency – Understand Us” group from St. Gregory Elementary School in Regina began through a collaboration with Wavelength Entertainment and the Saskatchewan Union of Nurses to produce a documentary entitled “On the Front Lines of Mental Health”.  Students shared their thoughts on the youth mental health crisis and why it is important to break stigmas.  From this work, students were invited to speak at conferences, and participate in Skype Sessions with middle-years classrooms in Saskatchewan.  The goal of the “What’s Your Frequency” Campaign is to connect students, to encourage conversation, and to promote understanding and empathy. 


Project 104 Graffiti Team, Prairie South School Division, Saskatchewan 

The Project 104 Graffiti Team was created by Ms. Cori Saas of the Prairie South School Division to provide an outlet for highly creative students to connect with others and express their creativity through visual and literary art.  In 2016, the students decided to use their abilities to reduce crime and gang activity by reducing and preventing graffiti in public areas.  In partnership with the Moose Jaw Police Service and the City of Moose Jaw, the students identify locations containing gang-related graffiti in parks, playgrounds, and other public areas.  They design and create murals to cover the graffiti, monitor the space to prevent future graffiti from occurring, and create community engagement using site-specific art.   


Survivor 101, Catholic Family Services, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

The Survivor 101: Navigating Adolescence Program provided by Catholic Family Services in Saskatoon offers support for students experiencing violence, mental health challenges, or difficulties thriving at school.  The Survivor 101 groups meet weekly in a safe and supportive environment.  The “Day by Day” handbook was created by the students to share the stories of youth and relevant information in an engaging, hopeful, and empowering format.  It includes poems, stories, and art from over 28 students, and information on such topics as abuse, depression, stress, and consent. 


Mindful Creative Writing Class, Sheldon Williams Collegiate, Regina, Saskatchewan

In February 2017, students from various cultures, religions, languages, abilities, and literacy levels came together to form the first Mindful Creative Writing Class at Sheldon Williams Collegiate in Regina.  Through the process of creative writing, students share themselves in deep ways, and listen as their classmates do the same.  In addition, students learn mindfulness, which supports the development of compassion, tolerance, peace-building skills, authentic communication, self-confidence, conflict resolution, and kindness for self and others.  Creating a peaceful world starts by creating peace within each individual. This course was scheduled to begin again in February 2019, with a new group of students. 


Student Leadership Team, Mother Theresa Middle School, Regina, Saskatchewan


Regina’s Mother Theresa Middle School Student Leadership Team seeks to break the cycle of poverty among Regina’s youth through the application of a unique education model and innovative programs.  Malnutrition, unemployment, lack of opportunity, adverse childhood experiences are a few of the inextricable realities of their students and their families; violence and abuse are also real symptoms of poverty.  In September 2018, the Student Leadership Team was created to promote intentional peer-led initiatives.  Similar to other student councils, the Team provides a voice for the students and organizes school-wide events.  In addition, the Leadership Team leads peer education, promotes school spirit, and places a strong focus on inclusivity (anti-bullying).  The importance of promoting and exemplifying nonviolent behaviour is imperative to help decrease cases of self-harm and low acceptance.


Clearwater Project Venture Camps, Clearwater River Dene Nation, Saskatchewan

The Clearwater Project Venture at Clearwater River Dene Nation, Saskatchewan is an outdoor, experiential program targeted at students in grades 6, 7, and 8.  The program is guided by traditional values such as family, learning from nature, spiritual awareness, service to others, and respect.  This program aims to help youth develop a positive self-image, effective social and communications skills, a community service ethic, self-worth, and improved decision-making and problem-solving skills.  Generalized resilience can be transferred to drug resistance and violence prevention.  Clearwater Project Venture implements four multi-day camps each year, with an average of 20 students and 4 mentors per camp.  The program has 20 active mentors who are on their way to graduation and adulthood.  A youth leadership camp builds skills among older youth and enhance their understanding of leadership and service.



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