Lieutenant Governor to Present Bravery Awards

Thursday, Oct. 3, 2019
Lieutenant Governor Russ Mirasty will present Royal Canadian Humane Association Bravery Awards on Friday, October 4, 2019 at 2:00 p.m. at Saskatoon Police HQ - 76 25 St East, Saskatoon.
About the Royal Canadian Humane Association
The Royal Canadian Humane Association was established in 1894.  The organization recognizes deeds of heroism by Canadians, who, through their alertness, skill and concern, save or attempt to save a life, especially where those actions lie outside the ordinary duties of the person involved.
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Media information:
Carolyn Speirs
Office of the Lieutenant Governor
306-787-6460 (office)
306-530-5430 (cell)
Tim Popp
Royal Canadian Humane Association
306-441-8541 (cell)
EMBARGOED to October 4, 2019, 2:00 p.m.
October 4, 2019 Ceremony
(Saskatoon Police HQ)
Ben Bauce, Kelly Taylor, Dustin Williamson, Dylan Williamson – Bronze Medal for Bravery
At 1:00 a.m. on August 11, 2018 four comedians, Ben Bauce, Kelly Taylor, Dustin Williamson, Dylan Williamson, were driving home from a comedy gig in another town. As they passed a motel just north of Wadena, they spotted a fire at a single story - ten unit building. Dylan and Ben were in the front seat and saw the fire. They realized that since there was no activity around the motel, the residents needed to be warned. The fire appeared to have started near an electrical box on a post that supported an overhang attached to the motel.  While they turned their car around to stop, the fire quickly spread up the post, burning the wood awning over the office.  All four men ran to the motel yelling and banging on windows to warn the residents of the fire.  While Ben and Dustin ran inside to find the owner and a fire extinguisher, Kelly and Dylan looked for an outside tap. They could not find it in the dark and by then the fire was raging.  Once the owner was found it took a while to communicate what was happening due to a language barrier. They tried to pull down the burning awning, but it was burning too quickly to handle. The men were filling anything that could hold water from the kitchen tap. They tried filling water jugs in the laundry room, but water pressure was low and the jugs had to be brought outside using a “bucket brigade” system.  When the owner found the fire extinguisher, they managed to put out most of the fire, however, it re-started when the extinguisher became empty so they went back to using the “bucket brigade.” They had managed to completely douse the fire when fire fighters, police and EMS arrived. The 4 rescuers suffered minor cuts and smoke inhalation.
Tiberius Dobni, Gemma Ramirez – Bronze Medal for Bravery
On December 18, 2018 a patient was admitted to the psychiatric ward at a Saskatoon hospital.  As he had a history of self-inflicted injuries, he was placed in a secure observation room where he was searched by a police officer.  Security officers Tiberius Dobni and Gemma Ramirez observed the patient through a closed circuit camera, and noticed flashes of light coming from the washroom of the secure room – there was a partition blocking their view of the area.  As Gemma entered the room to investigate the patient came from behind the partition and the front of his shirt was on fire.  Gemma called Tiberius who came to assist and a Code Red was initiated.  Gemma attempted to put out the flames with her hands with no success.  She quickly ran to get a blanket while Tiberius yelled to the patient to drop and roll and he blocked the patient from leaving the room.   Tiberius managed to pull the burning shirt off the struggling man as Gemma returned with a soaking wet blanket.  They wrapped the patient in the blanket and then used it to put out other flames on the patient’s clothing.  The patient was treated for his injuries and Gemma had minor burns to her neck and arm.  
Wayne Duquesne – Bronze Medal for Bravery
Kelsey Hamilton, Rejean LePage – Honorary Testimonial Certificate
On May 12, 2019 Wayne Duquesne and his wife were at a stop sign in Martensville, Saskatchewan when they were rear-ended by a car.  Wayne looked back at the vehicle that had hit his truck and he could see that the driver was slumped over, lying on the passenger.  Wayne told his wife to call 911 and exited his vehicle.  He knew immediately the driver was in distress as the car was still in drive and the wheels were spinning. It was pushing his truck ahead and the rear-end of the car was sliding to the side.  Wayne ran to the driver’s window and pulled the driver off the passenger, then instructed her to turn off the ignition.  The car began to roll backwards as the road sloped away from the intersection.  Wayne forcibly opened the damaged driver’s door and was able to pull the emergency brake to stop the vehicle from moving.  The driver was unconscious and not breathing.  When Wayne checked for a pulse he felt nothing so he pulled the victim out of the car and started CPR.  After several compressions, the man’s heart started and he began breathing on his own.  Reg LePage was at a fitness gym nearby when a passerby alerted him about the accident.  Thinking it was probably a heart attack, Reg grabbed some aspirins and started to run to the scene.  At the same time, Kelsey Hamilton brought a defibrillator from the gym. The elderly victim stopped breathing and again, there was no pulse. Reg used the defibrillator, which restarted the man’s heart, and he began breathing again.  When the ambulance arrived, the paramedics took over and brought the victim to the hospital.  He was released after treatment and has since recovered.
Evan Pyra – Bronze Medal for Bravery
On the morning of March 26, 2019 Evan Pyra left his Saskatoon basement suite through the side door to get something from his car.  On the way back in he spotted smoke pouring out of the front door.  He also noticed his neighbor was standing inside the door covered in black soot.  She wouldn’t leave the house and kept turning back saying she needed to grab something in the house.  The smoke was intensifying so he ran to her, as she kept insisting she had to go back in.  Evan stepped inside, grabbed her, and pulled her out while reassuring her that the stuff could be replaced.  He took her to a neighbor’s house, pounded on the door and told him to call the fire department.  The woman was taken to hospital and treated for severe smoke inhalation.  The house was badly damaged.
Meagan Stringfellow – Bronze Medal for Bravery
Robert Norberg, Dwayne Sallie – Honorary Testimonial Certificate
In the early morning of June 17, 2017, Meagan Stringfellow, an off duty RCMP Sergeant, was heading home from her night shift at the Yorkton detachment.  She was driving just west of Saltcoats on Highway 16 when she noticed a fresh set of skid marks heading into the north ditch.  Dwayne Sallie and Robert Norberg were heading to work when they saw a truck, with the interior light on, lying on its roof on the railway tracks.  Robert stopped close to Meagan’s vehicle and the three of them walked to the overturned truck.  Dwayne called 911 as they noticed that the driver had been ejected about 6 to 8 feet from the truck and was lying beside the tracks, face down, not moving.  Meagan checked for a pulse, but could not find one. Then they heard a train approaching in the distance. Realizing the danger created by darkness with the overturned truck on the tracks and the victim lying so close the group quickly went into action.  Dwayne Sallie was still on his cell phone with 911 and asked the operator if someone could be called to stop the train.  It was suggested that the light from their cell phone could be used to alert the engineer.  Megan started running down the tracks toward the oncoming train waving the lit up cell phone back and forth.  Robert Norbert jumped into his vehicle, turned it around and began flashing his head lights at the train. Dwayne Sallie remained connected with 911 and stayed by the unconscious truck driver.  Their efforts worked, as they heard the brakes of the train lock up and the train came to a full stop about 50 metres from the crash site. The engineer told Megan that he was fully loaded and would not have seen the accident in time to stop if they had not alerted him with the flashing lights.  Meanwhile, Dwayne heard a faint cry from the truck driver, who suffered multiple injuries and was in extreme pain.  Megan covered him up and they cared for him until the paramedics and police arrived.
Constables Cameron Brown, Chris Martin, Kai Noesgaard – Silver Medal for Bravery
Constables Tara Danielson, Andrew Marek – Bronze Medal for Bravery
Just before 3:00 a.m. on April 8, 2018 a pickup truck collided with several vehicles in Saskatoon.  It left the roadway and came to rest near an overpass.  The vehicle burst into flames and the driver was trapped inside. Constables Andrew Marek and Tara Danielson arrived on the scene and used a fire extinguisher to prevent the engine fire from spreading any further.  Constables Martin, Brown and Noesgaard arrived.  Constable Danielson assisted Constable. Martin in prying the driver door open so the victim could be reached; however, the driver’s foot was wedged in and he was sitting with his knees pressed tightly to his chest. Constable Brown grabbed a fire extinguisher as he approached the truck.  He noted Constables Martin and Noesgaard were having trouble removing the victim.  He emptied the fire extinguisher, focusing on the area closest to the victim’s legs, however, the fire continued to grow rapidly.  Constable Noesgaard had also grabbed a fire extinguisher and a seatbelt cutter.  He sprayed down the hood then got into the back seat to cut the seatbelt.  The smoke was extremely thick so he could barely see and it was difficult to breathe.  After Constable Martin moved the driver’s seat back, he and Constables Noesgaard and Brown pulled the male out of the vehicle.  Constable Marek went back to the burning vehicle to confirm that no one was left inside.  The fire had grown, fully engulfing the engine compartment and flames were coming through the broken windshield.  They dragged the victim, having to push a large piece of concrete out of their way, bringing him to a safe place on the grass.  Within 30 seconds explosions could be heard from inside the vehicle and it was engulfed in flames.  The collaborative efforts of the police members saved the driver’s life.
Stacey Mead – Silver Medal for Bravery
Varun Sechdeva – Bronze Medal for Bravery
Andrew Latta – Honorary Testimonial Certificate
On the 28th of July 2018 a family group was gathering at Buffalo Pound Lake for a day at the beach. One of the adults, a non-swimmer, went into the water to rinse off.  He went past the buoy markers into very deep water, and was struggling and yelling for help. Varun Sechdeva went into the lake to help his friend and also went past the markers – he too was a non-swimmer and was struggling. Stacey Mead was playing soccer with his 3-year-old son when he was alerted by his sister-in-law that “someone was drowning.” While running towards the beach he threw off his shirt, entered the water, and rapidly swam toward what he now realized was a possible double drowning. He swam past the buoys and extended his hand to pull one of the victims towards him. The victim wrapped his arms and legs around Stacey’s torso pushing him under water. His lifeguard training kicked in and he was able to surface a short distance away. He tried a second time to get a hold on the victim but, he again was pulled under. On the third attempt Stacey managed to grab the victim’s left arm and pulled him toward shallower water. When they were able to stand he directed Varun to go back to the shore. Stacey now went back out to the second victim and when he reached him he administered CPR, giving the victim two breaths and checked for a pulse – none was present as he started to pull him toward the shore. A teenaged boy came to help, bringing an inflated ring buoy. The victim was pulled onto the buoy and given another puff of air. A jet-ski was approaching and with some difficulties all were safely pulled to shore. Andrew Latta heard the commotion and ran to the beach to give assistance. He applied CPR and assisted in getting the victim loaded onto a backboard and transported him to the paramedics in the parking lot. He then assisted the paramedics to set up a landing zone for STARS to land.

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