What Should I Wear?

Have you ever received an invitation to an official occasion and been confused about what to wear?  Here are a few suggestions:

Black Tie:  It is appropriate for gentlemen to wear a tuxedo with a black tie.  If you do not own a tuxedo and would prefer not to rent one, it is also appropriate to wear a dark suit.  Women should wear an evening gown or a cocktail dress.

Business Attire:  It is appropriate for men to wear a suit and tie, and for women to wear a suit with a skirt or pants, or a dress.

Smart Casual or Business Casual:  It is appropriate for men to wear dress pants (no jeans, please) with a shirt, and possibly a sweater, sport coat, or blazer; ties are optional. It is appropriate for women to wear dress pants or a skirt, with a blouse, sweater, or casual jacket.