Loyal Toast

The Loyal Toast is proposed at official functions as the Toast to Her Majesty The Queen, Canada’s Head of State.  Prior to proposing the toast, the Master  of Ceremonies may wish to advise guests that when toasting The Queen, guests do not clink glasses.  Following is a script for the toast:

"Ladies and gentlemen, please rise for the Loyal Toast."

Once everyone is standing and guests are silent, the MC raises his or her glass and says, "The Queen, la Reine".

This is the signal for everyone present to raise their glass and repeat the phrase, "The Queen, la Reine". 

On domestic occasions, the Loyal Toast is proposed after dinner and before dessert and coffee is served.

On international occasions (visits of foreign ambassadors, ministers, or delegations), the visiting guest of honour normally proposes the Loyal Toast at the conclusion of his or her remarks, in response to the Toast to the visitor's Head of State, which is proposed by the provincial host.

The Loyal Toast may be made with either wine or water.