Lieutenant Governor in Council

The position of Lieutenant Governor is apolitical and thus the Lieutenant Governor does not get involved in any political activity, intervene in day-to-day issues and decisions made by Saskatchewan government ministries, or advocate for groups or individuals seeking to change government policy.

Concerns or questions about government policy should be addressed to the appropriate Government of Saskatchewan ministry.  Alternatively, you may wish to consult the Office of the Ombudsman of Saskatchewan.  If you chose to write the Lieutenant Governor, your letter will be forwarded to the appropriate Minister of the Crown for a response.

The term “Lieutenant Governor in Council” appears in many government documents, such as legislation.  Legally, it refers to the Lieutenant Governor acting on, and with, the advice of the Executive Council or Cabinet.  When the Cabinet makes a decision and it has been approved by the Lieutenant Governor, it is said to have been made by the Lieutenant Governor in Council.