Coat of Arms


ARMS: On a blue shield a gold bison’s head with white horns. The top third of the shield is gold and is charged with a purple winged helmet between two purple cogwheels.

Blue and yellow are the colours of Ukraine and symbolize Her Honour’s Ukrainian heritage. Purple is her favourite colour. The bison’s head is found on the badge of 38 Brigade, of which Her Honour is Honorary Colonel. The winged helmet was worn by the Greek god Hermes, the protector of merchants; it thus indicates Her Honour’s successful business career. The cogwheel is taken from the emblem of the Canadian Forces Liaison Council, of which Her Honour is the Chair for Saskatchewan.

CREST: Two white flying geese are rising from a purple crown of bricks set with three white Gardenia flowers.

The flying geese allude to a sculpture call “Western Spirit” created by Robert Dow Reid and dedicated to George C. Solomon, Her Honour’s father. They are also found in Wascana Park, where Her Honour’s family home is found. The mural crown recalls her father’s construction business. The Gardenia is Her Honour’s favourite flower.

SUPPORTERS: Two Husky dogs in their natural colours, each holding an eagle’s feather also in its natural colours. They are standing on a gold beach set with wheat sheaves and Solomon’s Seal branches in their natural colours above a blue wavy bend.

The Husky dogs are favourites of Her Honour. The eagle feather was given to Her Honour by a First Nations Elder on the day of her installation as Lieutenant-Governor. The beach and water refer to Regina Beach, where the Solomon family home is located. The wheat sheaf is a symbol of Saskatchewan, which Her Honour’s cherishes. The Solomon’s seal branches refer to Her Honour’s maiden name.

FOR HER DAUGHTER DR. WHITNEY WIGNALL: The chief partition line is a zigzag (indented in heraldry).

This alludes to Whitney’s career as a paediatric dentist.

FOR HER SON GEORGE SCHOFIELD: The chief partition line is invected (i.e. resembles a cloud).

This alludes to clouds and thus George’s passion for flying aircraft. It is also the mark of a second son, in this case a second child.